The End, And the Beginning

Hello Friends!

The day has arrived for Stillwater Tea House to close permanently.  We have looked for over 6 months, unsuccessfully, for a new location where tea service and events could continue but have not found the right fit anywhere.  Our hope is to begin again in the future.  Until then, we will explore other options, like pop up events, farmer’s market sales, or even in home teas with members of our staff as your personal chefs.  Also, our hope to have small tea encounters at The French Corner is still being pursued and we plan to have packaged teas and other merchandise available there soon!

It would be a mistake to close without thanking the many people who made Stillwater Tea House possible!  I must begin with our family, who really put the family in “family business!”  My siblings and sisters in law, my children, my grandmothers, parents, parents in law, my church family (including Eric and Anne Dye), and my Girl Scout and Cub Scout family made this venture possible.  I can never thank you all enough, but I will keep cooking and having parties for you, so it’s a start!  Also, to my loyal customers, I am amazed by your continued support! Customers like Super Grandma, Jessica “Eyeballs”, Mr. Gentleman’s Tea, the Ever-faithful David and Rebecca, the Regency Society, “Jack Jack”, Pat Robinson et al, the Riverview Bridge Club, and the fabulous people who sent me realtors to help with my search, you may or may not recognize our names for you, but you kept us going.  We were always happy to see you show up and probably kept you talking way too long!  Thank you!  

And lastly, a huge thank you to Suffolk’s Department of Tourism.  Y’all believed I had magic in my bag and were just crazy enough to let me prove it!  So, everyone, thanks for all of the ways that you supported Stillwater Tea House.

Looking forward to new adventures, 

Amy Ford