Children’s Parties

Please read the description below.

If you’re interested in hosting your birthday party with us, please contact us!

All parties that include children must be held in the dining room, as it is the safest for our younger guests. We require at least 1 adult per 3 children under 8. You can order as you please from the menu, though many parents find that children can easily share a Charlotte or Diane package between 2 guests. There is a $50 fee for children’s celebrations, to cover additional cleaning and staff.

Cake, or other outside foods are allowed with notice, but cannot be touched or served by Stillwater Tea House associates. Chocolate cake or candy is prohibited, as it is impossible to remove from vintage linens. Decorations and crafts must have prior approval and cannot contain or use flower petals, glitter, glue, rhinestones, tape, stickers, paint, or markers. Parties who ignore these rules will be charged a cleaning fee and asked not to return.

When choosing guests for birthday tea, please consider the duration of each child’s attention span, as an inattentive person, of any age, might be harmed by glass, hot water, or other hazards common to an old house. Stillwater Tea House serves all guests on our best china and glassware; tea is served boiling hot, and the house is very small.

Most children who visit have a lovely time, but for some, the experience is not one for which they are prepared. Another tip is to keep the party short. Most younger guests are on their best behavior for about 30 to 45 minutes. Keeping their limits in mind will make a happier celebration all around. If you have questions about the propriety of your party ideas for the tea house, please feel free to call. We have years of experience making wishes come true and we would love to help!

Stillwater Tea House is located in the historic Town’s End House, which dates from 1850’s and is exempt from ADA compliance. If you have guests who have wheelchair accessibility needs, please contact me to discuss options. Also, though they are welcomed, the house has several hazards and no accommodations for children under 8. Please see all of our terms and conditions.