Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Stillwater Tea Room does not issue refunds. If you must cancel a reservation, 48 hours notice is required for parties under 15, and 72 hours notice is required for parties of 15 or more. Your funds will be converted into gift certificates for use at a later reservation date. Certificates do not expire.


Stillwater Tea House is located in the historic Townsend House, which dates from 1890’s. Please require children to treat the house as if it is a person who is over 100 years old. Also, though they are welcomed, the house has no accommodations for children under 6. Changing facilities are not available and children must always be supervised, as old homes have dangers that newer ones do not! Reservations that include children under 10 must book the upstairs dining room. Burn and cut hazards are inherent to tea service, so please do not allow children to serve themselves or to mishandle the china.

ADA Compliance

Because Stillwater Tea House is located in the historic Townsend House, which dates from 1890’s, it is exempt from ADA compliance. The only restroom facilities are on the second floor, which requires climbing a narrow and irregular staircase. Our gracious neighbors, at Porfavor Coffee house, have extended the invitation for use of their facilities, should the need arise. Unfortunately, the outside of the house has 3 steps which must be mounted to gain entry. If our accommodations preclude a visit, please ask about tea to go!

Inclement Weather Policy

Because Stillwater Tea House uses the City of Suffolk parking lot adjacent to our building, we have no control over parking access and conditions. Therefore, it is our policy to close for business when access to the lot is impossible. The lot is gravel, and not plowable or otherwise treatable for snow or ice. Conditions, such as Hurricanes or other heavy rain events, also render this lot unsafe. If the business is forced to close due to unsafe conditions, every effort will be made to reschedule your party. Notifications by email and phone, whenever possible, will be made as early as information is available.